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Breakout rooms are a chance to come together to problem solve and learn about new initiatives that other schools have implemented!


  • (ONLY AT FIRST BREAKOUT): Learn some of the basics of Visual Effects and Video Creation! Participants will get to use cameras and equipment to film an awesome lightsaber battle, and add realistic looking lightsabers and visual effects. Participants will be split into groups of 5. 1 cameraman, 2 actors, and 2 editors. (Max participant size 25)

  • Library

In-Person Publicity

  • Publicity is the committee who publicizes all Cal High affiliated events with forms of poster making, printed flyers, and social media. We also plan our annual Winter Dance, and work with all committees in the program.

  • T3 and T4

Online Publicity & Social Media

  • In Publicity we use social media as a way to keep cal high connected and up to date on various events, changes in schedules, sports games, clubs, and much more. We run the cal high instagram by designing all the flyers and posts, and collaborating with other committees to release info to the student body.

  • Event Center

Student Recognition​

  • This breakout room will cover the main responsibilities of Student Recognition. We will talk mainly about the events that we have already held this year, as well as talk about how they help recognize the student body. We will also talk about future events coming up, and our goals for this year. The events listed can include: Grizzly of the Month, Fright Fest/Halloween Rally, and Thrive Week (1st and 2nd semester). 

  • 117

Student Clubs

  • 111

Staff Recognition​

  • In this breakout room, we will discuss all that staff do for our school environment, and why and how we can better recognize and appreciate their efforts.

  • 103

Culture and Climate

  • The Cal High Leadership Culture and Climate committee works to combat acts of hate and social inequities by means of educating, and reinforcing the importance of diversity in todayś society. In this breakout room we will be discussing the many ways our Culture and Climate committee has and plans to continue combating acts of hate on campus via lessons, heritage months, culture rallies etc.

  • 101

Preventing and Responding to Incidents of Hate

  • 107

CHS Special Teams

  • 104

Lip Sync: The Ultimate Dance Off

  • 115

Community Special Teams​

  • This room will focus on sharing ways to unite our school community with our surrounding city through large scale events. Events we plan include: our homecoming parade, drives, and dances.

  • 116

Community Service

  • 106

Senior Ball

  • 102

Junior Prom

  • 105


  • 109

Freshman Leadership

  • 113

Leadership+ASB Officers

  • Theatre

Leadership Retreat & Bonding

  • 114


  • Hey we’re rally! We might bore you a bit with small talk, BUT you’ll get your turn. With limited materials, you will compete against fellow students and create the best rally game ever!

  • Old Gym

Lunchtime Activities

  • This committee room will feature how to brainstorm LTA ideas, how to execute these ideas, and finally an interactive LTA game.

  • 110

Extracurricular Recognition

  • How to recognize all sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities on campus. 

  • 121


  • Library


  • We will be talking about spirit wear ideas and sales, as well as how to build school pride through other events and groups like 6th man and 12th man.

  • 108

Spirit Days

  • Commons

Advisor Lounge

  • 206

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