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Inspire • Educate • Unite • Serve

We the students and staff of the California High School Associated Student Body (ASB) and Leadership Program are committed to befriending, encouraging, modeling, and challenging each other to be positive participants on our campus and in our community. 

Who We Are

Who We Are



Troy Bristol (He/Him)

3rd Period Advisor

Hello! I'm Mr. Bristol and I teach AP U.S History and am the 3rd Period leadership advisor!


Hannah Cheng (She/They)

4th Period Advisor

Hey! I'm Ms. Cheng and I teach World History and am the 4th period leadership advisor.


Student Life

Representation & Inclusivity

Representation & Inclusivity aims to unite and showcase parts of the student body through events including lots of different organizations, groups, and clubs on campus. Representation & Inclusivity strives to give all Grizzlies an equal opportunity at expression, success, and happiness by amplifying marginalized voices and through events like The Culture Fair, Diversity Months, Club Fairs, and more.

Student Life plans large-scale school-wide events including Homecoming, Lip Sync and Masterchef. Student Life's goal is to plan fun occasions for the student body that each individual can participate in and enjoy.


Outreach works on uniting both the Cal High community and surrounding community through important events, such as the Homecoming Parade, Toy Drive, Food Drive, and ColorFest


Recognition is responsible for collaborating with and spotlighting groups and extracurriculars on campus, as well as planning fun events for students to participate in. Recognition helps plan things liek all  senior nights for activities on campus, Day In the Life of a... Video Series, and Monthly Student Spotlights.

Technology & Media

Technology & Media handles the digital and technological front for the school, and uses the power of media to serve the student body. Responsible for all things from event-recap Hype videos to music during lunch to professional lighting and video for school events and to running the school social media pages, Technology & Media's job is to serve the student body and assist with all technological and media production needs.

Technology & Media Support Form:

Spirit & Pride

Spirit & Pride's goal is to promote student and campus spirit through events like Lunchtime Activities, Quarterly Rallies, and handling apparel like student merch and accessories. 


Publicity is responsible for informing and keeping the student body up to date as well as helping decorate the school for events. Publicity handles all school-wide posters and physical advertisements, as well as spirit backdrops for rallies and hallways. 


 The ASB (Associated Student Body)  officers are the ASB President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer lead the 3rd period class as well as handling role-specific tasks. ASB is responsible for representing the student body and making sure that leadership's mission to serve the student body is met. The ASB Equity Lead Position also serves in 4th Period, and helps supervise the school climate and community.

Leadership Officers

 The Leadership  officers are the President, Vice President, and Secretary, who lead the 4th period class as well as handling role-specific tasks. The Leadership Officers work with the ASB Officers to oversee the program and make sure things are running smoothly. The Leadership Officers also work on Leadership-specific events and activities, like events and meetings with Cal's Sister School and working with other leadership programs.

Class Officers

The Class Officers are elected individuals who serve as the student board for each class. The officers help plan things like class fundraisers, rallies, and events involving their class. Junior and Senior Class officers also work on planning prom and other important events. Each class officer board consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, all of whom are elected during class elections.

Cal High Leadership is committed to inspire, encourage, and unite the student body, staff, and community by providing a positive environment full of spirit and pride.

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