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Sophomore Officers

The Sophomore Officers are in charge of everything related to the Sophomore class. You can reach out to them if you have any questions about anything Sophomore class related at


IMG_0679 - Siria Trinidad (CH).jpeg

Sophomore Class President

Siria Trinidad

Siria is a confident and caring person who loves being a part of leadership. In her free time she loves hanging out with friends and participating in cheer.


image000000 - Emily Rabuco (CH).jpeg

Sophomore Class Secretary

Emily Rabuco

Emily is a very hard working, funny person. She enjoys playing lacrosse, golf, spending time with her dog and hanging out with friends.


86F7EE2C-B495-405A-B041-44E5FD637053 - Elise Matek (CH).jpeg

Sophomore Class Vice President

Elise Matek

You can always find Elise in the water. Whether it’s swim, waterpolo, or the beach. Elise likes concerts, family , and loves boat days with her friends.

kai1 - Kai Licata (CH).jpeg

Sophomore Class Treasurer

Kai Licata

Kai is kind and creative. She plays soccer and likes to go to the gym and hangout with friends in her free time.

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