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Senior Officers

The Senior Officers are in charge of everything senior class. You can reach out to them if you have any questions about anything senior class related at


IMG_3428 - Sahasra Veerapaneni (CH).jpeg

Senior Class President

Sahasra Veerapanini

I'm the snack that smiles back!

FEB2FC5E-3E44-4638-85E4-26A114D9B860 - Gabriella Aurelio (CH).jpeg

Senior Class Secretary

Gabriella Aurelio

Taste the rainbow!


46E20110-A71A-4144-9886-AAB8EA057C3C - Krish Gupta (CH).jpeg

Senior Class  Vice President

Krish Gupta

Finger licking good!


IMG_7999 - Kiana Camp (CH).jpeg

Senior Class Treasurer

Kiana Camp

Where's the beef??

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