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Student Life


IMG_B4303082CEF8-1 - Olivia Martinez (CH).jpeg

Liv Martinez

Liv is super friendly and loves laughing until she’s crying with her committee. She loves listening to music, the beach, and being with friends and is currently on Varsity Sideline Cheer.

IMG_4232 - Caroline Kontaxis (CH).jpeg

Caroline Kontaxis

This is Caroline's second year in leadership and she's had the best time collaborating with classmates and planning events. She's been a part of the Cal High Song Team for all four years of high school, various clubs such as the Cal High Greek club and American Cancer Society Club. She's excited to take on all that senior year has to offer!


IMG_0145 - Sabine Chang (CH).jpeg

Sabine Chang

Sabine is awesome

IMG_0849 - Kaitlyn Chen (CH).jpeg

Kaitlyn Chen

Kaitlyn loves dogs, traveling the world, and eating lots of food. Normally you’d find her working at a boba shop or shopping.


7ECD51C9-C760-4AB8-A48F-1930E261A8E1 - Sophia Lomando (CH).jpeg

Sophia Lomando

Sophia is apart of the cal lacrosse and cheer team and is also a member of the save Promise club. She loves traveling and going to the beach with friends.

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