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BA5414B1-7372-4469-B098-E77D4CB6B6B2 - Anica Senthil (CH).jpeg

Anica Senthil

Anica is in Deco 3rd


Moose Khan

My name is Mostafa Khan I am a senior and I love cal high

c3713872-c9ea-41ad-882a-1fcb5f9f3b83 - Sujana Deka (CH).jpeg

Tulip Deka

She is a very outgoing person who loves meeting new people. One of her favorite things to do is make butterflies out of monster energy cans. She also loves reading, listening to music, and playing golf.

IMG_7548 - Arthi Koduru (CH).jpeg

Arthi Koduru

Arthi is an outgoing person and loves to be with her friends. One of her hobbies is playing tennis, she’s on the Cal tennis team. She also loves listening to music in her free time, some of her favorite artists are Drake, 21, and sza.

IMG_1861 - Bright Banta (CH).jpeg

Bright Banta

Bright is outgoing and loves to be involved, she loves to hang out with friends, dance, coach, and drive everyone around. She currently is in the dance company at Cal and enjoys stunting at CSE.

Screenshot 2023-08-30 10.01.35 PM - Umashree Bhattarai (CH).png

Uma Bhattarai

Uma joined the Leadership program in 2022 and it's her favorite class! She loves hanging out with her friends while working behind the scenes on school events. Uma loves to draw, paint, bake, watch TV, read, and hang out with friends! Being in Leadership, working on fun events, and meeting new people has been the highlight of high school so far!


IMG_8357 - Olivia Meidberg (CH).jpeg

Olivia Meidberg

Olivia loves her dog and Taylor Swift. She enjoys listening to music, hanging out with her friends, and taking naps.

575F7B7B-D528-4BC5-9C72-24C418D346A1 - Rachel Nguyen (CH).jpeg

Rachel Nguyen

Rachel’s favorite activities are playing water polo, going to the beach, and spending time with friends and family.

IMG_9492 - Madison Mittone (CH).jpeg

Maddy Mittone

Maddy is a fun and spirited person who loves to hang out with friends, listen to music and go to concerts!

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