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Rep & Inclusivity


57565868-6E9F-4264-86A9-94D9B7F873B7 - Yitong Xie (CH).jpeg

Fiona Xie

Fiona Xie is a senior at California High who is passionate about music, dance, art, and giving back to her community.


IMG_0608 - Giovanna Castillo (CH).png

Giovanna Castillo

Giovanna loves to dance, get coffee, and hangout with friends in her free time she is also a sophomore and on the Cal High song team

IMG_7238 - Jackson Konkle (CH).jpeg

Jackson Konkle 

Jackson has one good photo of himself, and it’s the one above. He considered using another one, but ultimately decided that no one knows what a “baritone” looks like. And as 1 of 2 leadership students in band, he wanted to showcase the uniform. Facts about the Jackson above: 1) Loves quoting people (he has an extensive quote list in his notes app) 2) Helped found the garden team at Cal High 3) Just recently has Coca Cola for the first time in Disneyland


Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 12.00.36 PM.png

Jade Owens


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