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Spirit & Pride


4430718F-1350-4CE5-8B3D-A5783175F966 - McKenna Diaz (CH).jpeg

Kenna Diaz

Kenna is super energetic and loves to be spirited! As one of Cal high’s MC’s she loves rallies and Fnl. She loves to swim and is captain of cal high’s varsity water polo team

IMG_7822 - Aya Delaware (CH).jpeg

Aya Delaware

Aya plays tennis and loves to hang out with her friends. She’s on the Cal High tennis team and finds the season to be a lot of fun. Her favorite artist is Lana Del Rey and that’s a photo she took at her concert that she went to with her friend!


0963307C-ECCA-4214-989F-CA2EE1DC3DB7 - Lucia Thacher (CH).jpeg

Lucy Thacher

Lucy is a varsity cheer and stunt athlete, she loves country music and Drake. She also loves to go shopping and spend time with friends and family.


IMG_8588 - Allie Massagli (CH).jpeg

Allie Massagli

Allie is a super spirited and energetic person that loves listening to music, going to the beach, and playing volleyball in her free time

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