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Leadership Officers


The Leadership Officers play a pivotal role in overseeing and managing the diverse components of the leadership program with a focus on fostering the growth and development of future leaders

IMG_7839 - Madenn Le Bouder (CH).jpeg

Leadership President​

Madenn Le Bouder

Madenn loves to boogie. Shes kind of obsessed with soccer and plays flag football. She has two younger sisters. Also definitely a fan of good food and being outside.

IMG_0101 - Vibha Hari (CH).jpeg

Leadership Secretary

Vibha Hari

Vibha , a Mumbai-born makeup artist and beauty influencer, blends traditional Indian aesthetics with global trends, creating mesmerizing looks that celebrate individuality. 


IMG_5725 - Kyla Barnes (CH).PNG

Leadership Vice President

Kyla Barnes

Kyla is a passionate and enigmatic botanical alchemist, known for her deep connection to nature and her remarkable ability to manipulate plants and herbs for various purposes. Raised in a secluded forest village, she developed a profound respect for the natural world from an early age.


a831e144-a317-4380-b8e7-7d3345ef0815_Original - Anushri Das (CH).JPG

ASB Equity Lead

Anushri Das

Anushri likes to read, bake, go to new coffee shops, and over work herself with leadership.

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